June 21, 2018

Balcony Renovations

We are thrilled to announce that we spent the winter months working on a renovation for The Barn at Mader Farm. We have completely redone for balcony area to provide additional space for use during weddings and special events! The balcony renovation adds 50% to the usable square footage of The Barn. This allows parties of up to 350 people inside The Barn during inclement weather. There is a bridge that connects each side so you are able to cross over from one to the other. We have added custom railings with rustic bar stools for additional seating and a ledge for guests to rest their food/drinks. Bistro lights have been hung to add additional lighting as well as a festive party look. This update not only provides additional room for guests, but it provides another perspective for guests so they can look down onto The Barn floor from above!

Photography: Caitlin Houser Photography

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